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Victory Records has once again added to their ever growing roster of hard working bands, having recently signed New Brunswick' NJ's, Thursday.
"I think for all of us, getting signed to Victory Records is above and beyond our expectations," expressed Tom Keeley, Thursday's lead guitarist.
Thursday has been evoking new ideas and emotions in people for nearly two years. Since they began, Thursday have been playing as many shows as they could along the east coast with bands such as At the Drive In, Boy Sets Fire, and Hot Water Music
Thursday blends melancholy guitar riffs with pensive vocal harmonies that are spiced with harrowing fitful screams to create some of the most passionate and emotional music will you ever experience. The band is currently working on a mini US tour before they go
into the studio to record their Victory debut;
look for it in early 2001!

latest releases
Finally! CATCH 22, New Jersey's Punk Rock native sons, released "Alone In A Crowd" their second full-length album, last Tuesday, October 10, 2000. Featuring everything from a Beach Boys cover to a guest appearance by HATEBREED frontman Jamey Jasta, the album is one that is sure to please.
"Alone in A Crowd", the band's 3rd Victory release, is the long-awaited follow up to the full length "Keasby Nights", and the "Washed Up! EP". Catch 22 have changed the date of the video shoot to 10/24 and this is official. They are confirmed to be working with Richard from Drive Thru.The guys are going on a US tour with Reel Big Fish, then they are planning a full tour of Canada and

We are also giving away a Free MP3 track from the upcoming CD "Alone in a Crowd" you can download the track "It Takes Some Time" from our site
are ready to hit the road, in support of their new album, "Few and Far Between", with One King Down in the USA, and then with
Agnostic Front and Ignite in November in Europe! the band is available for phone interviews and face to face interviews while on tour.
So make sure you check out the tourdates and secure your spot on the guestlist and on the interview schedule!
In related news, the video for the song "Few and Far Between" nears completion, and will soon be premiered on! don't miss it!
It was directed by Richie Vaia and shot by Chris May of Bug Eye Productions (Snapcase "Caboose") Kids from all over the Mid-West came out to support Shutdown.

R+R Magazine has picked Burning Heads as "Record of the Week" on the Specialty Chart column. Radios Stations around Canada, you know what to do!
contact me if you haven't received a copy of the album!
and last minute info : Burning Heads debut @ #17 on the R+R Alternative Specialty chart.
If you can get ESPN, make sure you catch the Burning Heads on these days:
2001X2DAY Episode #1 from the Concrete Challenge:X2day traveled to Colorado for the Concrete Challenge Contest and followed Brian Patch, Jeremiah Risk, Alan Peterson, Chet Childress, Chris Senn, Al Partanen, BenKrahn, Mark Liscak, all the local kids and the local skaters to Breckenridge, Silverthorne and Salida for some unbelievable bowl skating. Music By Burning Heads
10/14 SAT 10:30am eastern/7:30am pacific ESPN2
10/17 TUE 11:00pm eastern/7:00pm pacific ESPN2
10/18 WED 3:30pm eastern/12:30pm pacific ESPN
10/20 FRI 12:30am eastern/9:30pm pacific Thursday ESPN2

The video for the song "Wise Guy" has now been serviced. make sure you request it "en masse"! email here and here and request
Burning Heads "Wise Guy" video in the subject line. The band is also available for interviews, email and phoners altogether. Make sure you get in touch with me and check out what the buzz is all about!

Upcoming releases:
have officially called it quits. To honor the memory of one of the flag-bearers of New York Hardcore, Victory will release "Nothing Ever Dies" on 11/21.
A retrospective of the band's 18+ year career, the release will include 19 total tracks featuring 2 previously unreleased studio tracks, as well as ultra-rare live footage from the 1982 "Rock Against Reagan" Festival in Washington, DC.
This will be the final release from these legends of New York Hardcore, and is a must have for any fan of Hardcore music!

are working on "The Embarrassing Beginning", a 12 track album featuring hard to find previously released Grade material, as well as the "Triumph and Tragedy" EP and 2 previously unreleased acoustic tracks, for the songs "Triumph and Tragedy" from the aptly named EP "Triumph and Tragedy" and "Seamless", the third track from Grade's Victory debut "Under the Radar"
release date is set for November 21 as well.

what are the other Victory bands doing these days?
Boy Sets Fire are in still touring Europe, destroying venues across the old continent. Almost every show they've played so far has sold out. they are in Europe for a few more weeks, make sure you check them out! they are available for "on the road" interviews so get in touch with me!
Fans can't get over the amazing sets that Snapcase play every night in Europe. Check out the tourdates below and get in touch with me as soon as possible to schedule interviews.
SNAPCASE and BOY SETS FIRE have announced a tour to take place in November and December, upon each band's return from Europe. They will play 2 dates in Canada, in Toronto and Montreal (see tourdates)
Earth Crisis are finishing their japanese tour. Everything went well over there.The video for the song "Nemesis" is coming along nicely, we should be able to service it pretty soon. (from their new album "SLITHER") The band will be available to reply to phoners and email interviews starting next week.
You want to see Earth crisis play live? The digitalclubnetwork archived the Earth Crisis show they webcasted at the Bluebird Theatre on August 11, 2000 you can check it out at ( just go to the archive section and then go to the HARD ROCK/METAL category)
The band will enter the studio on 11/27. That's right, it's official. Hatebreed will begin work on their 2nd full length album, with
producer Steve Evetts (Snapcase, Earth Crisis, Hatebreed's "Satisfaction...")
Hatebreed also contribute an unreleased track, titled "I Will Be Heard" to the Tattoo The Earth live CD. Jamey Hatebreed contributes vocals to the track "Hard To
Impress" from the upcoming CD "Alone In A Crowd, from Catch 22. (In Stores 10/10/00)
All Out War are still working on tracks for their upcoming album. They will do a full European tour as soon as the record comes out early 2001!
are also working on their new album, which is still tentatively scheduled for 4/2001.
Skarhead are still hanging around working on the next album. Look forward to seeing them play at the CMJ showcase if you're planning to attend!
UK fans, beware!! Electric Frankenstein are coming over for 3 dates in November!
Start getting in touch with me to set up interviews with Sal as soon as possible!!! Same goes for guestlists. don't wait till november coz chances are it'll be too late already!!!
The ever busy rock n roll gods are working on a new album!
The album is tentatively titled : "THE BUZZ OF A 1,OOO VOLTS !" and is scheduled for release sometime in the first half of 2001 on Victory.
If you want to get the skinny on EF's current activities, make sure you get in touch with me to set up an interview with Sal!
*JOYRIDE SNOWBOARDS has teamed up with Victory to sponsor our monthly contest. This month, win a Snowboard package from Joyride, simply by emailing us a picture of your Victory Records related Tattoo! (or REALLY creative fake Tattoo!). The winner will be chosen on Halloween and will receive a complete Snowboard from Joyride, as well as a bunch of cool Victory stuff. go to our
website for more information.
*WIN a BC RICH Guitar Autographed by Catch 22 just for posting a banner on your site! Victory is hosting a Catch 22 Banner contest. It's easy to enter and fun to win. Many will enter, but only one random winner will be chosen to receive a signed BC Rich guitar!!!!
1. Grab the Catch 22 banner from the Victory Records Web site
2. Post the banner on your home page through October 31
3. Link the banner to
4. email with a link to your page
5. Winner will be chosen from all entries, at random, on October 31,
2000. The winning webmaster will receive: 1 BC RICH Mockingbird Guitar, autographed by Catch 22