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this is the interview with Unhallowed. A death/grind band from New Jersey.

UNHALLOWED ARE: Jenn Corrao (bass), Bob Thompson (Guitar & Vox), Moe Shahenkari (Drums)

Interview with Jenn

How does it feel to be a death band in a time when black metal seems to be more popular? Is it frustrating trying to get people to listen to your music?
No, it's all cool. The death metal scene has it's own crowd and the black metal scene has theirs. There's usually no problem.

When you write a song what kind of mental state do you have to be in? Can you just write anytime of the day no matter what kind of mood you're in?
Well, we all got to be somewhat relaxed. Most of the writing gets done at practice, when we're all together and are able to try out new ideas.....A nice rolled phatty definitely helps the process...

Who are some of the people/bands that have influenced you the most musically/personally?
My parents and band members are to be given some credit for my personal influences and bad manners....>Musical influences would add Human Remains, Disfigured, Dying Fetus, Dillinger Escape Plan, Black Sabbath...

You mentioned in your thanks list the WWF. What is the fascination these days with wrestling? Who's your favourite wrestler and why? What about the WCW? Do you like them too?
Personally, I think wrestling is quite entertaining. There are alot of funny story lines and watching people beat the crap outta each other isn't bad. My favorite wrestler would have to be Kurt Angle, " It's True, It's True ", because of the character he plays. WCW isn't good at all. They suck hardcore. Their story lines are BORING..

Do you think that metal and wrestling are like kindred spirits?
Hey, why not. It's possible. They both are brutal forms of expression....

Do you remember Jake "The Snake" Roberts?
Haha, unfortunately I do...I was way young when he was still in the WWF...He would definitely get his ass
whipped now, but he was good for his time...

How old are you people?
We're all still fairly young. Moe (drums) is 22 yrs old, Bob (guitar/vocals) is 21 yrs. old, and I,
Jenn (bass) am 19 yrs. old..

What is the philosophy behind Unhallowed? What are you trying to get across to your listeners?
Our only philosophy is, fuckin' brutal crazy music....
Is "PunchFucking Blasphemy" the first thing you've ever released?
Yes, it is available through many scattered distro's and through the band. See band contact info.

You said in your bio that you expect to enter the studio "late summer/early fall" to record your new CD. Any idea when you'll release it? Are you going to try to sign to a label before releasing it or will you put it out anyway?
There is no date on when the next recording will be released. Not too long after. We are hoping to release it through a label, but if doesn't go as planned, we will put it out ourselves...

Do you think record labels will even be necessary in the future with the ability to produce and promote your music thru the Internet?
Yes, I do think they will still be necessary. Production/Promotion are tools that need to be everywhere, not just available on the Internet. There are still tons of people who don't own a computer nor ever will...

Any idea what the new CD will be called? Any songs written yet? Will there be any departure in style from PunchFucking?
We have ideas for the title of our upcoming release, but nothing set in stone. W e have about 3 songs complete now. We're looking for at least 8/10 songs final. The music is in the same nature, but our playing has gotten much tighter, crazier and even more brutal...

One thing i really liked about you guys is your sense of humour. Some of the song titles are quite funny and a couple comments in the liner notes too. Do you think it's important for a band to have a sense of humour? Do bands
tend to take things a little too seriously these days?
Oh definitely. I mean, there seems to be a lot of people with serious bowel movement problems because many of them are just full of shit. If you can't laugh and be able to be so- called "brutal", then why bother. They are " ROCKSTARS" ... And we don't need that kind...

So is Jay not in the band anymore? Was he ever a full member?
Yes, Jay was a full time member in Unhallowed for about a year. Put emphasis on the " member " part, haha...Yet, he is no longer in the band as of late....

Would you care to mention a few bands that you enjoy that not everyone would be aware of?
420 they are from NY, they got some bad ass crazy groove goin' on. FetusEaters from CA, grinding noise, that's some sick shit also...

Any final words?
Thanks Jim for the interview, we really appreciate the exposure..... EVERYONE SUPPORT BRUTAL MUSIC!!... "PunchFuckingBlasphemy" $8US/$10World(cash,checks,moneyorders).. Buy it and Prepare For A PunchFucking.??

c/o Jenn Corrao--5170 Berkshire Valley
Road--OakRidge,NJ 07438--USA


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