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Last Writes Reviewer #3 ($1 to: c/o D. Tomel, P.O. Box 3392, Allentown, PA. 18106-0392 U.S.A.)
  24 pages. Goth/Metal `Zine. Interviews with: Roses For Isabella, Trauma Oneireion, and Porn Star Stacy Valentine. Also included are music reviews, comix that are guaranteed to offend and a really nice looking layout. Some will complain that the layout wastes a lot of space but it looks rather nice. My only real complaint (aside from the cover art) is that the font used for the name of band is pretty much incomprehensible, and it's not helped by the small size.

Metal Core #27 (FREE! From: Chris Forbes, P.O. Box 622, Marlton, NJ. O8053-1109 U.S.A.)
36 pages, newsprint. Metal `Zine. Interviews with: Grimoire Girl Felicia, Ceremonium, Worm Gear Fanzine, Razorback Records, Old Metal Records, and Metal Mafia `Zine. Plus the usual reviews and contact lists.  Hard to read the review sections because they are typed into one long, run-on sentence but the reviews are straight-forward and honest. You know this `zine. It's been around forever.  New issue out by the time you read this.

Metal Rules! #6 ($4 US, $6 Rest Of World to: 2116 Sandra Road,  Voorhees, NJ. 08043 U.S.A.)
100 pages, newsprint with glossy b&w cover. Interviews with: Jeff's Mom, Vore, Don Lemmon, Mike TV, King Diamond (loooooong), Testament, Godsmack, plus a couple reprinted interviews with Ratt (COOL!!!!!!), Anthrax (Not so cool), and Bruce Campbell (Also very cool!!!).  There's like 400 reviews in this thing of music and `zines, all with a pretty wicked sense of humour. There's also concert and scene reports and a bunch of personal pics and stories of Jeff's travels.  This `zine right here is the best `zine ever put out….ok, it's the best one since Sepulchral Voice went away L.  Jeff does these amazing interviews with bands he obviously loves, and DAMN, they're long and interesting.  I'm not a big fan of King Diamond but I really enjoyed reading the interview with him. Not as good as the one with Steve Vai a couple issues back but……Oh yeah, the layout is beautiful, the pics are crystal clear.  Shame I can't do the interview with my Mom  now. It would seem like I was ripping his ideas off. Too bad too. My Mom's soooooooo much cooler than Jeff's Mom. Hmmm, maybe I'll interview my sister instead.

Obscure #3 ($2 to: Rosemary, 1715 Mountain Road, Thunder Bay, ON. Canada P7J 1C9)
65 pages. Metal/hardcore/whatever. Interviews with: Romantic Gorilla, Dissacosiate, Dahmer, Dayglo Abortions, and Insane Lung Capacity. Also articles about "Satanism and Heavy Metal", Drinking, Hate For People, Warped Tour,  Ozzfest, and music/concert/`zine reviews, poetry and so much more. Crammed full of pics, the editor's views.  More of a personal zine than the glossy ones that seem to be popular these days.  Should be another issue out by the time you read this.

Sang Frais #5 (FREE! From: C.P. St-Andre, B.P. 32111, Montreal, PQ Canada H2L 4V5)
32 pages.  Metal `Zine. Interviews with: Hanker, Slayer, Anonymous, and Kreator. Tons of show/music reviews,  scene reports, contacts, and articles. Be warned that this `zine's purpose is to promote French-language bands and scenes from around the world  so this is written only in French. So ONLY ORDER THIS IF YOU SPEAK FRENCH!!!!!! Really nice looking `zine.

Treats From The Underground #5 ($3 USA, $4 Canada, $5 World to: Burt Wolf, P.O. Box 1236, Pottstown, PA. 19464 U.S.A.) 52 Pages, glossy cover, newsprint pages. Metal `zine with an open mind. Interviews with: Amen, Antiqua, Biohazard, Meshuggah, Brutalized `Zine, Core, Descend, Gwar, Hypocrisy, Overdose, Poets Of The Plague, Pro-Pain, Skin Lab, Seven Day Drop, Skinless, Slipknot, S.O.D., Soils Of Fate, Solefald, The Crown, and Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment.  Also tons of reviews of music/movies/zines/live shows.  You've surely heard of this `zine by now but if you haven't, you probably should.

Unbound #5 (FREE! From: Mike, R.R.#3, Site 7, Comp. 19, Thunder Bay, ON.  Canada P7C 4V2)
46 pages. Loud music/horror film `zine. Interviews with: No Rest For The Dead, Carved In Flesh, Impaled,  Despise You, Brad Moore, Saves The Day, Cause For Effect, Razorback Records, and Snapcase. Plus reviews, addresses, Zombie Movie and Metal articles, and some editor's rants.  Should be another issue out by the time you read this.

Jackal Blaster #3 (price?? To: Jeramy Ponder, P.O. Box 128, St. Mary, MO. 63673-0128 U.S.A.  e-mail:
34 pages. Photocopied. Black/death metal zine. Interviews with: Judas Iscariot, Crimson Moon, Deaden, Dead World, Incantation, Jungle Rot, Lividity, Master, Lucifers Hammer, Numskull, and Usurper. Plus over 130 music reviews, a couple book reviews and contacts. You know, I was actually expecting this to be a hard rock zine for some reason….maybe cause there is a band called Jackyl. I dunno.

Obscure #4 (free. See other Obscure review for address)
36 pages. Interviews with: Union 13, Anal Cunt, Rhys Fulber, The Kovenant,  and Corrosion `Zine (Hey! Thats me!!!). There is  also show reviews, zine reviews, music reviews, reviews of places in Thunder Bay, Local paper articles, Columns, articles, zine contacts,  a survey, contest, and a lot more.  Nice personal little zine. Gives you more of a feel for Rosemarys feelings and opinions than a normal zine does.

Skull Session #40 (price?? from: P.O. Box 1295, Vernon, BC, Canada V1T 6N7  e-mail:
24 pages. Newsprint. Hardcore/punk/metal/rap zine. Interviews with: Enrage, Soulstorm, Gut Shot, No Innocent Victim, and All Out War. Also some well written, knowledgeable reviews. This zines been going for a long time folks. Check it out..

Unbound #6 ($2 US/CAN  see other Unbound review for address)
50 pages. Photocopied. Interviews with: Xcoalition Against ShaneX, Grade, Aborted, Cenotaph, Cock And Ball Torture, Dementor, Flesh Grinder, Grief Of Emerald, Gray Area, Drawn And Quartered, Watch It Burn and gore film creator Andreas Schnaas. Seems to have gone more along the gore/horror/monster movie route with this issue. Lots of articles about scary movies plus the usual music reviews, contact addresses, and editor rants. Big improvement in layout and photo quality from last issue. And the horror/gore stuff makes it stand out a bit more from the usual.