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all reviews done by Jim Gorrie unless otherwise noted

3 INCHES OF BLOOD-Battlecry Under A Winter Sun (Album)
   I hear these guys are starting to get noticed by record labels. I went and saw `em live after George Stromb…. George from Loud on MuchMusic (UGH!) raved about `em. They blew me away live! Think Iron Maiden but with two vocalists, one a singer, one a screamer. Now once again, the CD doesn't do justice to a band's live show. This time I think the sound is a little too clean so the riffs don't sound nearly as heavy. But "Curse Of the Lighthouse Keeper" remains one of their best songs, whether live or pumping through my speakers. It's just so classic Maiden metal but updated as well for today. (1682 Frances St., Vancouver, BC, Canada V5L 1Z4  e-mail: -J-

   Damn! This is heavy! Intense, sludgy, hate-filled music. Sure there's only 3 songs total, but you definitely get your money's worth if you enjoy having your head pounded into oblivion…OK, it's actually quite good even if you don't enjoy that. I got this from Riotous Assembly Records (see address section) I think he still has a few copies. (Bottom Feeder/Meconium Records) -J-

ARCH ENEMY-Wages Of Sin (Album)
   Every article I read about this band yammers about how their new female singer is proving to the metal community that a girl can sing all growly too. And yes, she (Angela?) is a great vocalist doing her lovely Carcass vox, but let us not forget the rest of the band too. This is probably one of the best death metal albums that I have heard in a long time. It's got everything you could want: heavyness, melody, intricate guitar work, head pounding drums, the cool vocals, and even the solos don't grate on my nerves. This album will go down in history as a classic example of what can be done with death metal with the right musicians and song writers. PLUS! If you get the one with the second CD you get an exclusive bonus track and the Video for Ravenous on the first CD and 7 rare and unreleased tracks and another video on the second CD. AND you get a big booklet full of Arch Enemy goodness! Yum! (Century Media) -J-

BASTARD NOISE-The R.A. Sessions (7" Ep)
   Well I'm sure some of you realize that this band features some of the people that brought you a little band called Man Is The Bastard. So you're already expecting something insane. Well, you'd be right. This stuff is almost noise but musical in a strange way. It sounds like someone who's not all there in the head was given access to some instruments and this is what was recorded. It's almost scary how intensely heavy this manages to be. (Riotous Assembly) -J-

   Saw these "guys" at a battle of the bands type of thing ( and they were the only ones handing out free CDS before they played. Now ain't that a clever thing to do? They do the whole metal core with screamy vocals thing which is kinda cool, especially since they have two vocalists, one male, one female, tho they both sound remarkably similar. The CD doesn't really do the band justice as it doesn't have the rawness that I heard in them Live. In fact, if I'd only heard the CD I'd probably have never thought twice about them. But I saw them live first…..I'm thinking of doing an interview with them. (3 Gary Crescent, Leamington, ON., Canada N8H 3P5  e-mail:

BLOODSHOTEYE-S/T (3-Song Demo CD 2002)
   First off, I love bands with two vocalists. Especially heavy bands. So naturally I'm going to at least like this CD. They have the whole metal core thing going  on with some flirtations with full on death metal. The songs are grinding, slam you over the head and with two vocalists growling away, excellent trade-offs between them, this is just a great, HEAVY CD! Maybe if they'd crank the guitar and drum levels up a bit this would be better but damn, this is otherwise a great CD. And they have two vocalists! Did I mention that? ( -J-

BOLT THROWER-Honour. Valour. Pride (Album)
   Musically it's another Bolt Thrower album. Same vein as their last couple of albums. The real change is that they went and got themselves a new vocalist. Now the question we are all asking ourselves is: Is the new guy any good? The answer is yes, but he's no Karl. He manages to do a lot of the growls that Karl used to do and in some ways I'd say he has a bit more range, but when it really counts and you need a Karl voice at a part in a song, the new guy just can't do it. Maybe I'm just being close-minded. Maybe I'll get used to him, after all he's really not that bad. BUT I WANT KARL BACK!!!! (Metal Blade) -J-

THE CABLE CAR THEORY- The Deconstruction (Album)
   First, this is an Emo CD so most of you reading will be turning your noses up at it right away. Well I like some Emo bands so I'll review this anyway. So there! Um…actually this CD is rather boring. Nothing stands out. Never mind. -J-

COAL CHAMBER-Dark Days (Album)
   I've always found that this band has a hard time coming up with their own sound. Their first album sounded a lot like Korn, their second album moved away from Korn but still sounded similar to a few bands, now this one reminds me of a cross between Static-X and Rob Zombie with some Korn thrown in. It's not a bad album, it just feels like I've heard it all before. -J-

CONQUEROR WORM-Sometimes Dead Is Better (demo CD 2002)
   This band features Ryan who used to be in Poets Of The Plague, for those of you who know who they are/were. Anyway this CD a mix of death metal, doom, and some groove metal. Lyrically you get some lovely, spooky ghosty stories and some serial killer sounding stuff. Is that enough info for ya? Tough! I'm gonna give you more! You get dual vocalists, one a raspy almost clean sound but still growly and the other is more of a lower, urrrgh sound. For my money the first track "Till Death Do Us Part" (well actually second as the first is an intro type thing) is the best song on the CD as it has some neat-o groovey, doomy riffs happening. In fact, I think the band tends to shine the most when they are laying down the groove and doom, not when they head into the more death metal styling as the vocals seem to sound a little forced at times when the songs get faster. Also, on the fifth track "House Of Lonely Souls", the bass is up way too high at the beginning and tends to almost drown out the other music. In conclusion, decent CD for people into the slower death metal styles, something with more groove to it. But still needs some work before they go anywhere. (Ryan Parks, 20004 Mansel Ave., Torrance, CA 90503 USA) -J-

CRANES-Future Songs (Album)
   Anyone who's been reading this zine for more than a few issues will probably have figured out that Cranes are my favourite band. I mean I totally worship the music that this band produces. Even their last album "Population 4", which I was a little disappointed in would still rank high in my top albums of all time list. So I am VERY happy to report that this new album is another masterpiece. They seem to have gone back to their old sound (ala Wings Of Joy) but have quieted things down a bit and dispensed with the white noise. It's actually a relaxing album, with the beautiful demonic child vocals of Alison Shaw heading in a slightly less scary direction but still sounding like her. I honestly don't think this band can do any wrong. P.S. I got to see them live once again in support of this album. You must see them live! They played songs from all their albums but actually seemed to concentrate on Wings Of Joy, Forever, and Loved, which is perfect since those are their best albums. You really haven't lived till you've seen these guys play live. (Dadaphonic) -J-

CRANES-TheElefant Records Single Collection (7"Ep)
   This is only available through the band (they'll sign it for you!) or through Spain's Elefant Records Single Collection. Probably cheaper and easier to buy from the band but maybe you'd want the other singles as well. I don't know what goes thru your sick little brain do I? (Elefant Records)

CRANES-Submarine Ep (CD Ep)
   This is sort of like their Jewel ep where they had a bunch of people come in and do remixes of their songs. This time they've enlisted the likes of Saru, Paul Smith, Tripnotic, Dimitri Tikovoli, Greg Long, Jack Dangers, and Thin Men….um…who? OK I admit it. I don't know most of these people. So sue me!!! Well anyway, these remixes are all well and good, but I'd still rather listen to the orginals as envisioned and created by the Shaw siblings and the other two guys. Why mess with perfection? (Dadaphonic/Instinct) -J-

DANZIG-777:I Luciferi (Album)
   OK, Lucifuge remains my favourite Danzig album of all time. But you know, this is a pretty fine album in it's own right. You get Mr. Danzig's mournful Morrison/Presley vocals, lots of thick riffs, dark sounds, demonic vibes…'s kind of the perfect mix between his early albums and his later more industrial inspired efforts. (Spitfire) -J-

ENTOMBED-Morning Star (Album)
   Well, I'll admit it. I'd pretty much written this band off after the last few stinkers they released. But damn! They have come back in a big way! This reminds me of the glory days of this band. They sound like they're Swedish again! Sure they probably changed back because no one was buying their albums but who really cares? I'm just happy to have the old Entombed sound back! (Music For Nations) -J-

ETERNAL DEFORMITY- The Serpent Design (Album)
   This CD has one of the coolest intros I've heard in a long time. It starts out with techno music which is weird to hear from a band called Eternal Deformity but then they do a cross-fade into some heavy guitar riffs, it's really a neat effect….course then they ruin it when the vocalist does a cheezy laugh and spoken word part over top of it. Oh well, it's still interesting to hear something different. Actually this CD is not what you'd expect at all from a band with this name. I'd say what they do would fall into the "Goth" category of music but they do have some more metallic riffs. They also have piano, clean vocals, growled vocals, the occasional electronic bleep…..i don't know what to call this. But it doesn't really matter that I can't label it, the question is: is it a good CD? The Answer is: Yes with a few caveats. First lose the cheezy laughing and spoken word thing. Second: there's these Star Wars laser sounds at the end of the first song. That just sounds goofy. Um, actually that's the only real complaints I can come up with. If you're looking for something totally original but still mostly heavy then you should definitely get in touch with this band.(Poison Piglet Distro -J-

EVANESCENCE- Fallen (Album)
   Have you seen Daredevil yet? There's a part in it where Elektra gets all dressed up in her leather outfit and starts beating the sand out of a bunch of punching balls, well the music that plays behind that scene is Evanescence. Haven't seen Daredevil yet? Well you're pretty silly then aren't you? Jennifer Garner is great as Elektra, never used to like her but she just had such charisma in this movie and Colin Farrel as Bullseye…perfect! Ben Affleck was ok but nothing spectacular and…..oh yeah this is an Evanescence review ain't it? Oops! O.k.  I saw this band on Leno and they did a great version of "Bring Me To Life" so we know that they can pull these songs off live. Which is great cause I'd love to see them. Think The Gathering but with a Filter influence. And let me tell ya, this "girl" can sing! Anneke now has some competition for my favourite vocalist. And the music….let's just say that it manages to be somewhat heavy but also beautiful, soul pleasing, at the same time. I think a lot of it has to do with the vocals but the music is a perfect offset . OK, I'm going to stop ranting about this disc now. I could go on for hours but I'd never do justice to it. -J-

   Well I've had this CD for a while and have been meaning to review it so here goes: Now I remember why it's taken me so long to review this disc. They remind me of another band but I can't for the life of me figure out who it is. At least I've managed to figure out who the vocalist reminds me of in the clean parts : that dude Chuck that used to sing for Faith No More. The music is heavy but not really heavy if you know what I mean. I'd put them in Corrosion Of Conformity (Blind-era) heaviness but not exactly like them either. Hmm, you know that bar in the movie "Wild At Heart" where the band POWERMAD is singing "Slaughterhouse"? Well I could really see this band playing in that bar. Hope that helps. And then they have a song that reminds me of Primus….are you beginning to understand why I didn't want to review this CD? I'd rather just listen to it. (ERD e-mail: ERD@EXPLOSIVERAGEDISORDER.COM) -J-

FANGORN- S/T (Album)
Some nice mid-tempo thrashy death/black metal from Germany. The occasional female vocals thrown into the mix and some excellent musicianship, production and song-writing. The closest band that I could compare this band to is Cradle of Filth but that's not what they sound like at all times as they also have some good galloping thrash riffs, and a bit more melody than them. And I don't like COF but I do like this band. So there! Imagine this band will get signed to one of the big metal labels in the not too distant future if they can just catch a break. (G.U.C.) -J-

THE GATHERING-Black Light District (3 Song Ep)
    Those of you who love the fact that this band isn't afraid to experiment with different sounds will love this EP. The first track is an extremely long spacey mixed with ethereal mixed with Neurosis on a quiet day sort of thing. The second song is a heavy electro sounding song. And the third is just a piano with Anneke doing her usual beautiful singing…well usual because it's beautiful but unusual cause it's a little different than her usual style. Sort of like she just sat at the piano one day and started to sing with all her might. It's worth buying the CD just for this song, but fortunately the rest is amazing too. (Psychonaut Records) -J-

THE GET UP KIDS- Eudora (Album)
   This seems to be a collection of previously released stuff. So it's either a rarities album or a kind of greatest hits. Whatever. Doesn't seem necessary to me. (Vagrant Records) -J-

THE GET UP KIDS-On A Wire (Album)
   I find myself getting more and more disappointed with each new album from this band. I mean "Four Minute Mile" is one of my all-time favourite CDs. Then they changed. Things lost their catchiness. No longer did I hear one of their songs and end up humming it all day long. Now they're released "On A Wire" the final chapter in their move away from The Get Up Kids that I knew and loved. This CD is all slow, melancholy songs. All depressing, quiet, sleepy little tracks that could almost put you to sleep if their wasn't the occasional beautiful note, or interesting riff. I'd almost say that this is the band's best album since FMM, as it's just so different that you can't compare the two and therefore judge this album on it's own merits. (Vagrant Records) -J-

(HED)PLANET EARTH- Blackout (Album)
  Not a good band. It's nu metal lite. Weak vocals, nothing really heavy happening and not even a decent groove. They'd make great leaps and bounds if they'd dump the vocalist, cause his clean vox are lifeless and  well…wussy. Course it's hard to like a band that released that "Hey Bartender" song anyway. -J-

JUDGE DRAIN-3 Song Sampler (Demo 2002)
   Not bad but not great either. Mix of Korn and "new" Metallica would be a good description. Some nice melodies, decent catchy riffs and sing along choruses. Total radio-friendly music but not too embarrassing to admit to friends that you like them. Like I said, it's lite entertainment. ( -J-

LACUNA COIL- Comalies (Album)
   Well, what can I say about this CD? If you're a fan of the band, you'll think it's great. If you're not you won't. They don't seem to be breaking any new ground here but I personally think that's a good thing. Why mess with success? (Century Media) -J-

LAMB-What Sound (Album)
   I wish I could just convey on paper how the opening track "What Sound" makes me feel when I hear it…. remember when you were a kid and everything seemed fresh and new to you? You'd hear a new song on the radio that you loved and your heart would soar free from your body? It was a wonderful feeling when that happened, and with the exception of hearing Cranes play "Paris And Rome" live, I haven't felt that way in a long time. Now I have this song. Every time I play it I feel that old wonderful feeling and I realize how important music is to help us make our way through life. I don't want to say that the rest of the CD isn't worth listening to, because it's full of great trip hop/jazzy tunes but it's just that first song that really gets to me. (Mercury) -J-

MUDVAYNE- The End Of All Things To Come (Album)
   Well they have some decent riffs and some spiffy growly/screamy vocals at  times but then they go and wreck it with too much going on in the song at once and some crappy clean vox. I dunno. Just find their music to be too messy sounding. Sorta like Slip Knot.

OMAR SANTANA-Hardcore For The Headstrong:The New Testament (Album)
   OH BABY! HARDCORE! Not that metal stuff, but pure, hard, fast beat, HARDKORE TECHNO! And Mister Omar Santana is one of the best Hardcore Djs out there. This is a mixed CD with tracks by Chosen Few, Da Predator, 3 Da Hard Way, Innerchild and of course a few of Omar's own evil creations. For those not in the know, Hardcore/Gabber are to techno like death metal is to hard rock. It's like it's evil bastard offspring. And it's soooo good! (Moonshine) -J-

PAPA ROACH- Lovehatetragedy (Album)
   I quite liked their last album but this one is just too main stream sounding. They seem to have completely forgotten how to sound angry. There are a couple of catchy little ditties but mostly it's just boring pop music with an angry band image. (Dreamworks) -J-

PCP-Evil Hate Motherfucker (Demo)
   This is a really rough sounding demo. It's your basic death/thrash metal but it really doesn't bring anything new or interesting to the genre. Not to mention that it sounds as though these guys could spend a bit more time practicing before even considering recording a demo. There's just too many rough parts and musical flubs throughout this. Maybe with a bit of practice, and  a better sound on the recording, this could at least be a decent middle of the road death metal release. -J-

PHOBIA-Serenity Through Pain (Album)
   Heck ya! It pure grind baby! Just the way I like it. Two vocalists one low one screamy, and just freakin' fast, ultra violent grind with a nice thick sound. Not really doing anything new but damn I like it!
(Deathvomit) -J-

REFUSED-Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent (Album)
  I truly loved their album "The Shape Of Punk To Come" but this one does nothing for me at all. The songs are too all over the place, which admittedly " The Shape…" was too, but somehow it worked on that album. This just sounds like a bunch of parts of songs thrown in together without any thought on how they could actually work. And they don't have enough heavy riffs for my taste either. Jerks.(Victory Records) -J-

PUTRIDITY- Putrid Brutal Attack (Demo 2002)
   You know what this is going to be. Ultra low vocals gurgling away, wall of noise brutality…you know like Cannibal Corpse in the early days. I've heard it all before and I'm not quite sure why you need to buy this demo to hear it again. Couple of nice background screams tho. (PUTRID666@POCZTA.FM) -J-

SAVIOR SECT- Seasons Of The Witch (Album)
  I actually thought this band was long gone but then out of the blue I get an E-mail from Poems and now I get to listen to the lovely Anastasia's mournful vocals…..wait! that's not Anastasia! That's someone named Phaedra. Well she's not quite as nice sounding as Anastasia was but she still has that ethereal quality to her voice that is the staple to the Savior Sect sound so I'll let that pass. Musically..well it's Savior Sect. Nothing much new here. Swirly guitars, quiet, laid back, all haunting n stuff. A band that sounds as if they're more interested in setting a mood with their music rather than the actual songs. Not what I'd call a metal album but if you're into something a little more late at night, hanging out with fellows creatures of the dark type music, then this is what you need to hear. ( -J-

SLITHERYN-S/T (Demo 2001)
   You know. It's kind of sad that some bands seem to be pushed to record an album before they are ready just because they happen to be playing a trendy style of music. Take Slitheryn. They play music that would fall decidedly into the Nu Metal genre of music (Korn comes to mind here) but when you listen to the songs, you can tell that these guys really need some time to work on their sound. Not to mention they all look like they're around 12 years old (I know for a fact they're pretty young) and the vocals suffer in the clean parts because it sounds like a little kid singing. It's just really annoying! Maybe they could change their name to Lil Slitheryn. That would be cool! -J-

   I don't like SOD. Never have. But I suppose if you like them then you'll enjoy their side of this split. I bought this for the Yellow Machine Gun side though. The thing that amazes me is that this band is made up of three cute little Japanese girls, they look totally non-threatening. But then you play their music and you begin to wonder what the heck it is that's making them so angry!? Maybe it's dorks like me calling them cute little Japanese girls? (Howling Bull) -J-

SPARTA- Wiretap Scars (Album)
   'Cut Your Ribbon" is a great song. Sorta heavy but melodic at the same time with some yelling almost screamy vocals. I'd imagine people into Boysetsfire might enjoy this song. The rest of the CD is boring. Nothing like "Cut Your Ribbon". Talk about false advertising. Sigh. (Dreamworks) -J-

SULLY- Bright Lights (Album)
   Another pleasant surprise about the last Cranes show I saw…Sully opened for them so I discovered another great band to listen to. They kind of remind me of Rose Chronicles with a more freestyle vibe. Soemtimes sounding almost brit pop, other times sounding like early Lush, other times with a lounge act feel, it may sound a bit goofy but it works. And isn't that all that really matters? -J-

   Horrible! Another hey-we-wanna-be-Korn sounding band. But without any trace of heaviness or for that matter…talent. DO NOT BUY! (Immortal Records) -J-

TAPROOT- Welcome (Album)
   Can't get into this at all. Weak nu metal stuff. Only song I like is "Poem"….I guess if you like Disturbed and wanted to listen to a watered down version of them then you might like this. -J-

   First let me say that any band that has a song called "Natalie Portman" is OK with me. Second let me say that this is the band that feature Chino from Deftones on vocals…another point in favour of these guys. Third let me say that if you prefer it when Chino is doing his "pretty" singing rather than his screams, then you'll love this CD. That's all this is. Quiet guitar driven soundscapes with Chino singing all pretty over it all. Rather laid back sounding. I think I could get bored listening to this if I'm not in the right mood.  -J-

TEN SPEED HERO-Thanks For Driving (Album)
   These guys are from Brampton, Ontario and play the ever popular Emo style of music, along the lines of The Get Up Kids' newer releases. I dunno, I found this CD to be a little bit boring as they never quite managed to get a hook in their songs that is necessary to keep the listener's attention. That and the fellow on vocals has a pretty weak voice. Doesn't seem to have much range. I guess this CD would do for someone who only listens to Emo, but for those with more discerning taste…skip it.  (Hornby Records) -J-

TEMPER-Demo 2002
   Saw this band play live at some show. My buddy Drew actually knows some of the band from when he lived in Sudbury, Ontario (Northern Ontario for those who don't know). They play the rap crossed with metal thing that still seems to be pretty popular with the kids these days. Live, this band put on a great show. High energy, thick riffs, totally mosh inspiring. On CD they sound derivative and lifeless. Yet another band who can't capture their live sound on CD. Shame. (e-mail: -J-

   I heard "Understanding In A Car Crash" on the Victory Records web site and just had to rush out and buy this CD. Well I did enjoy the CD, especially "Cross Out The Eyes", but the whole clean singing to scream singing thing gets a little repetitive after a while. I wish they'd just mix it up a little more, maybe have one song with just clean vox, and another all screamy, just to add something different to their sound. Now don't get me wrong, this is a great CD for the most part. Managing to be heavy and pretty at the same time. And the two songs I've mentioned are probably right up there as favourite songs of all time. But I just have a hard time listening to the whole thing in one sitting. (Victory Records) -J-

   Starts out with horrible funky bass slapping and they have a vocalist like the guy from Sevendust. Interspersed with some heavy riffs…anyway I'm not a big fan of funk. Then we go to the second song…well the slap happy riffs are gone (hidden behind the guitars?) and this is a better song but still a little too repetitive and the guy on vox has too weak a voice to pull of some of the parts. Third song…oh screw it! I've heard it all before, the vocalist could use a little more power in his delivery and well this is just nothing that excites my ears to hear. They don't suck, they're just a middle of the road band. If you saw em live you might bop your head a bit but then you'd forget them when the next band came on. (Killin Time) -J-

VARIOUS ARTISTS-Armageddon:The Tribute To Destruction (Album)
   Destruction's a cool band. I remember I used to have a friend that told me when he listened to this band he's see little gnome people walking around out of the corner of his eye… friend was a little bit odd. Bur That doesn't change the fact that Destruction are a neat-o band. So the get themselves a Tribute album, not that hard to do considering Dwell's past record, but hey, I think they're deserving! We start off with Kauldron (dunno who they are) doing my fave Destruction song "Bestial Invasion". Well, they don't totally wreck it. The we have songs by Draconis, Evil Incarnate, Nokturne, the oh-so-cool Abominant, the-almost-as-cool The Chasm, Sanctorum, Soulless, Infamy and finish off with "The Ritual" by Diabolic. I don't know what to say about this. It's got a few great bands (The Chasm, Infamy, Abominant) but most of the other stuff just seems like filler. I'd honestly rather listen to the original recordings. Oh yeah, the booklet has nothing. Only the listing of the bands and the song they're covering and the track time.  (Dwell) -J-

VARIOUS ARTISTS-A Tribute To Mayhem (Album)
   All right. I know I'm not a big fan of these Tribute albums, but this is what I would call an excellent line-up to do one: Immortal, Dark Funeral, Vader, Emperor, Behemoth, Limbonic Art, Keep Of Kalessin, Gorgoroth, Carpathian Forest, Seth, Gehenna, and Absu……all paying tribute to one of the few truly decent black metal bands around. In my opinion anyway. The booklet has a brief history of the band which is a nice change from the usual nothing, but I'd have to say that Dwell have made the decision to let the music do the talking. (Dwell) -J-

VOIVOD- Voivod (Album)
   OK First thing I have to say is that I've heard people comparing this to Nothingface-era Voivod…it is nothing like that album. That album is on of the greatest albums ever created and while this isn't bad, it's no Nothingface. Maybe a comparison to Angel Rat would be more appropriate. I'd almost call this a rock album with metallic influences. Not especially heavy and I personally don't find it to be as "weird" as what  one would come to expect from classic Voivod. But as a straight rock album it's great! Gotta love any band with such a bad vocalist that can make music to match the voice and make it sound good. Oh yeah, one more thing. WOULD SOMEONE TELL JASON NEWSTED TO STOP MAKING ALL THOSE STUPID FACES IN THE PHOTO SHOOTS!!!! What an idiot! (Chophouse Records) -J-

VULGAR PIGEONS-Summary Execution (Album)
   Yay! Two decent Grindcore releases in one issue! That makes me quite happy as I've been finding it hard to discover any good grind lately. This stuff is a little more insane, time-changey, weird off-tune parts, twisted, with the occasional slow parts. Think something like Brutal Truth but faster, and a little more deranged sounding. Lovely! (Necropolis) -J-

WATERDOWN-Never Kill The Boy On The First Date (Album)
   I was actually expecting this to sound a lot like Thursday (the band), based on hearing the song "Impress Me". The usual screamy vocals, clean vocal trade off is here like Thurday and Alexisonfire but then, a few songs in the band starts to throw you for a loop. First we get a song that I swear sounds like a hair metal band anthem, then we get a few ballads, and the occasional jaunt back into the screamy emo sound. Nice thing all works and sounds good. At times the switch of sounds between songs can be a little bit jarring to the ears but once you get used to it you can really enjoy the songs and the ability that these fellows have to write a catchy song. (Victory) -J-

XPLODING PLASTIX-Amateur Girlfriends Go Proskirt Agents (Album)
   This was a weird CD to receive. Not anything like what I usually get for a promo. Not that I'm complaining, it's rather nice to get something different. What we have here is a mish-mash of styles: Drum n Bass, Trip Hop, straight techno, ambient, a bit of hip hop, jazz, and a lot of free-form weirdness.  I actually have found myself listening to this CD a lot, especially late at night when I need to relax. It's not a CD to get you jumping around but if you want to "chill out" it's perfect. -J-

Addresses You NEED to know

G.U.C. Records, P.O. Box 280145, 01141 Dresden, Germany
Hammerheart Records, P.O. Box 277, 6300 AG Valkenburg, Holland  e-mail: HHR@XS4ALL.NL
Razorback Records, c/o Jill Girardi, P.O. Box 173, Kings Park, NY 11754 U.S.A.
Riotous Assembly, P.O. Box 16396, Portland, Oregon 97292 U.S.A.
Victory Records P.O. Box 146546, Chicago, IL. 80614 U.S.A.