Atlanta based street punk label GMM Records has signed a worldwide distribution deal with Chicago’s Victory Records, Inc. GMM's releases will be distributed exclusively to all of Victory's distributors worldwide from now on.
  GMM owner Mark Noah stated, "We are very excited to work with Tony and the entire Victory Records team. This deal means that our records will now be readily available across the world the way they should be."
Victory’s Tony Brummel said, "GMM is a great label and have proved this over the years. They have a deep passion for their music and run a very Artist oriented company. We enjoy the music that they release and feel that this will be a great collaboration for all involved.”
The new relationship kicks off with an anthology from the legendary Washington D.C. hardcore band Iron Cross, a new album from street punk legends The Templars and new label sampler ‘Skins ‘N Pinz Vol. II’. Releases from Pressure Point, Dropkick Murphys, Hudson Falcons, Whiskey Rebels and The Allegiance will also come out in 2001.
The label’s cornerstone act – Anti Heroes will release a new studio album along with split releases with Agnostic Front and The Templars. GMM's key titles in its back catalog, including releases from Anti Heroes, Ducky Boys, Condemned 84 and Patriot will be re-introduced as well over the coming months.

BLOODLET is reforming. That's right, the heaviest band in Victory's history has recently been collaborating on some new material. Stay tuned for news and information coming soon...
INTEGRITY have completed their upcoming album "Fruition". We at Victory were recently treated to a couple of songs from the album (slated for release on 4/24) and let's just say that I was quite shaken. Wow, these songs are worth the wait!

REACH THE SKY  are going to head out with Dropkick Murphys, Swingin' Utters, and Lars + The Bastards for a full US tour…including Eastern Canada and Vancouver! Remember...their new album, "Friends, Lies, And The End Of The World" hits stores on 3/20.

SHUTDOWN will be sailing the 7 seas this spring.  They have plans to head over to Japan then to Australia and New Zealand then finish it all off with a sprint around Europe. The dates are still being worked on, but as soon as they are official I will pass them on! (Check what's confirmed so far below!)

WATERDOWN is currently holed up in German recording studio BluBox with producer Guido Lucas, working on their Victory Records debut, "Never Kill The Boy On The First Date", scheduled to be released on May 8, 2001.
VISIT the band's official website at

For those of you that are NOT familiar with these legendary figures of high-fueled punk rock-n-roll, visit , or for more info.
As for the legend of Annie's Grave...
The title comes from a local NJ legend. Annie is a famous ghost that has been written about all over the world. She was a teenager that died on a local road in Totowa NJ and was hit by a car (true story), more than 30 years ago. The road was near a cemetery and she is buried there. Now, once in a while when people drive past her grave, they see a hitchhiker and they give her a ride and she talks to them and then suddenly disappears. This has happened to many people, even German tourists that knew nothing about the legend. The local police always get reports of a disappearing female hitchhiker.

RIVER CITY REBELS trumpet player Dan McCool has quit the band over personal issues. The Rebels are currently looking for a tenor sax, trombone, or trumpet player to fill his void.

CATCH 22 will be doing the Sno-Jam tour in Canada from March 25-30th with AFI, Against All Authority, and more.

BLOOD FOR BLOOD will be releasing a B-Sides and rarities CD in early April entitled "Wasted Youth Brew."

BURIED ALIVE, although departed, we will be releasing a full length CD, “LAST RITES” as a farewell to a band that will be greatly missed.

NO INNOCENT VICTIM are currently in the studio recording their second victory CD, "Tipping the Scales."

Victory Records has been announced as the "Best Record Label Website" at the Midemnet awards, which took place earlier this week at the annual Midem Conference in Cannes, France. More than 23,000 people voted for this year's award, and Victory Records is proud to bring this coveted prize home from France. We thank all of you who voted for us over the last several months.

Victory Records is offering our MP3's for free download.  You are welcome to upload the MP3's onto your site and let people hear the latest from Victory Records. You already know how great these songs are; why not share them with the rest of the world.  You can visit to see which songs are available.

"Panic Floods" EARTH CRISIS (new album out now - except for Germany, pushed back till end of February/march)
"This Sadness Alone" REACH THE SKY (new album in stores 3/20),
"Still Dedicated" BACKFIRE! ! (Album: "Still Dedicated" in stores 2/20 in Canada only)


In case you haven't heard, Victory Records has officially taken over New York City. That's right, you can be a part of our conquest of the Big Apple by picking up Volume 1 of Victory's New York City Takeover, featuring live music by ALL OUT WAR, REACH THE SKY, and GREY AREA. Then, once your ass has been thoroughly kicked, get right back in line for VOLUME 2, out February 20th, featuring SKARHEAD, BURIED ALIVE, and RIVER CITY REBELS.  Both CD's were recorded LIVE in New York City on 10/22/00 as part of the Victory Records CMJ Showcase 2000.

ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN Return to Victory on 2/6 (In the USA, Canada and Japan only).
EF's new album, "Annie's Grave" hits stores NEXT TUESDAY! The album was produced by Monster Magnet's very own Phil Caivano and promises to unleash 12 tracks of high energy Punk Rock-N-Roll on your ass. Check out the band's official website at
WWW.ELECTRICFRANKENSTEIN.COM and help EF fight the International Anti-Rock Conspiracy.
Also, ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN are going to hit the studio in Feb/March to record "The Buzz Of 1,000 Volts". The record, according to Sal, will be 100% done, mastering and all, no later than the middle of March.

Victory fans, be sure to tune in to WCW. As many of you undoubtedly already know, WCW Superstar The Wall has been a long time supporter of Victory Records. In the past, The Wall has been seen wrestling in shirts from Victory Records artists including All Out War, Earth Crisis, and Hatebreed.
On Tuesday 1/23, The Wall participated in a tag-team match adorned with a Blood For Blood "Skull" design T-shirt. (To order Victory and Victory bands merchandising, click here) Blood for Blood's album is set to hit the streets on April 10 and is titled: WASTED YOUTH BREW

BLOODLET    *hot news!*
Matt Easley from Bloodlet called us at Victory HQ and he said to let everyone know that Bloodlet will be reforming! We should expect to hear new material in the near future. I will keep you posted!...

NIV should be hitting the studio over the next week (Jan 25 to be exact). They are very excited about how this record is going to turn out. The new record is titled: "Tipping The Scales".

SHUTDOWN are going on tour in the USA with Diecast and God Forbid in Feb/March for 4 weeks nationwide. Their video is getting airplay in LOUD on MUCH MUSIC in Canada. If you have access to Much, check out the Loud show this Saturday evening and watch "few and far between video", and try to recognize your favorite promo peep (that would be me) in the pit!

This is more like Victory's most triumphant hour.  We have recently added Richmond, Virginia's Darkest Hour to our ever-growing roster.  The guys are getting ready to go into the studio in the next few months with a release date of early August for their Victory debut.  If you are not familiar with Darkest Hour they are the leaders in the east coast metal hardcore scene.  Their last record "The Mark of the Judas" was released on MIA records and has now become and icon in the world of metal.  We were lucky enough to have snatched these guys up.

GRADE have been offered dates on this year's US Warped Tour.
They already have 8 out of 11 songs written/rehearsed for their next album!
The Grade videos should be ready to be serviced very soon so watch out for that! The videos are for the songs "triumph & tragedy" and the acoustic rendition of "Seamless".

Nemesis video will be aired this Saturday on MUCH MUSIC LOUD SHOW for the first time. Do not miss it! The video is also already getting played on MTVX and Fox Sports Network in the US and 2 ROCK on VIVA in Germany. More airplay to be expected!
And if you haven't listened to their new album "Last of the Sane" yet, make sure you check it out! It is in stores since last week!

RIVER CITY REBELS have also been confirmed for some Warped Tour dates.
They will play a Canadian date in 2 weeks (check tour dates below)
WATERDOWN have been working on songs for the new record in between playing shows with the DO NOTS in Germany. Shows have been going well and they are very excited about going in the studio early next week.
Their new album is titled "Never Kill the Boy on the First Date". If you're curious to hear their sound, get in touch and I'll send you a copy of their first EP. You'll be hooked!
They also have plans to come to the US/Canada in the Summer for a full tour.

THURSDAY's master arrived at Victory and left us all speechless. Word on the street
is that this record is going to alter the way people perceive hardcore music.
With the release scheduled for April

INTEGRITY will be completing the vocal tracking of their new record over the weekend, then comes mastering. Dwid is hungry to play some shows and that could happen come early spring.

CATCH 22, the band that never quits, are ready to head out on the Sno-Jam tour with AFI. They will also add some dates either prior to or after the sno-jam in Canada so stay tuned. Catch 22 do amazing well in Canada so this tour will only strengthen their fan base.

Independent record label Victory Records Inc. feels that it has found a solution to Napster. According to Victory chief Tony Brummel,  “As it relates to our repertoire, what we are going to do blows Napster away. With all of its legal and copyright issues and a questionable business model Napster will be forced to redefine itself to survive.”
Victory has entered into a deal with Maryland technology developer to use its proprietary peer-to-peer file sharing software of the same name. The software will allow Victory to set up its own subscription-based file sharing operation, which will go online December 7, 2000. Adrenamail seamlessly combines E-mail for groups, interactive multimedia and file sharing into a unified and powerful service. The software boasts no confusing plug-ins or add-ons but a single, compact system that ensures optimum user satisfaction. Victory Records will be the first record company to attempt a revenue generating subscription based peer-to-peer service. It hopes that its file-sharing model will also dramatically increase sales.

Victory will offer the service for free for the first two months. Unlike Napster, Victory’s service will allow its subscriber’s access to advanced music streaming technology- people can listen and enjoy Victory’s music without downloading it. Users of the service can create, using a built-in proprietary authoring system, interactive presentations, animation, rich text files, graphics and video.
Additionally, AdrenaMail enables users to chat, exchange instant messages and directly deliver files to other subscribers of the service. Subscribers will be able to form and moderate their own 'groups' in the community. The tentative name for this interactive community is Planet Victory.

“File sharing is a very sensitive issue. The last thing we want to do is cannibalize our CD sales. For a small monthly or annual fee subscribers can stream our music. The real value of subscribing though, is the opportunity to be part of an interactive, legitimate and exclusive community of like-minded individuals. Some of the key tools in our arsenal include e-mail for groups, very specific chat rooms and instant messaging. It will be like a global, digital country club for the die-hard followers of our Artists. This is a new way for record companies to generate revenue without taking away from the traditional revenue streams. With Artist involvement, an entirely new element is brought to the Artist/Fan paradigm. We will also offer subscriber’s special edition merchandise, releases, etc. – this will be a very value added experience. It is an opportunity to take the love of the music to the next level where fans, artists and the label are all winners.”

NECROTIC TISSUE EP     now available for a mere $3.00 (includes shipping)
former Poets of the Plague members Ryan Parks and A Noxious, joined with former Wishful Sinful's Leviathan.......bring you CONQUEROR WORM (aka CW).....sheer heaviness at its finest!!!!! Horror Metal Doom-Core that will have you aching for more.
>From deep in the attics of Los Angeles, CW lurks awaiting to devour your souls while you sleep dreaming of poppies and puppies. Their music is the soundtrack to your nightmares, the funeral march of your demise, the tales of madmen. And its now available to you..Don't pass this up!!!!
contact CONQUEROR WORM at:
CW c/o Ryan Parks
20004 Mansel ave
Torrance, CA 90503
website is in the works

(i just received this from the german band...for the english translation scroll down)

Am 12. Januar werden Eternal Sadness bei der Releaseparty der neuen CD "Set my soul on fire" in der Sporthalle Hohenfeld ihren letzten Auftritt spielen. Wenn der letzte Ton der Zugabe verklungen ist und die Lichter ausgehen, sind Eternal Sadness Geschichte. Wir lösen uns auf.

Seit Wolfgang und Jörg zum Studieren nach Leipzig gezogen sind, haben wir fünf es nicht mehr geschafft gemeinsame Proben, das Schreiben von Songs und auch den persönlichen Kontakt untereinander weiter am Laufen zu halten. Woran das gelegen hat...viele Gründe spielen hier mit rein. Zum Einen hatte jeder von uns sich mittlerweile sein eigenes Süppchen gekocht. Studium, Privatleben und andere musikalische Aktivitäten traten weiter nach oben in der persönlichen Prioritätenliste. Wenn wir dann doch mal zusammenkamen, war an solchen Wochenenden außerdem nicht ausreichend Zeit, um das entstandene Vakuum zu füllen. Schließlich lies niemand plötzlich alles liegen und stehen, Freundinnen, Familie und Job waren ja auch noch da. Trotzdem haben wir es geschafft, wenigstens die fünf Songs der neuen CD fertig zu stellen und aufzunehmen.

Dennoch hatte sich die Einstellung der fünf Mitglieder von Eternal Sadness zur Band unterschiedlich entwickelt. Während die Einen kein Problem darin sahen, dass Proben nur alle paar Monate und dann auch nur vor einem der ohnehin wenigen Gigs stattfanden, war dieser Zustand für die Andren recht unbefriedigend. Der ursprüngliche Plan, sich alle drei bis vier Wochen zum Musizieren zu treffen, neue Songideen via Internet auszutauschen und zu versuchen, den Spirit von Eternal Sadness weiter am Leben zu erhalten, ging nicht auf. Zu schnell hatte einen jeden von uns der Alltag mit seinen neuen Herausforderungen eingeholt. Durch das Fehlen der wöchentlichen Probe und der gemeinsamen Aktivitäten am Wochenende haben wir uns zunehmend entfremdet.

Als vor einigen Tagen dann die Karten auf den Tisch gelegt wurden zeigte sich, dass auch die viel propagierte Chemie unter den Mitgliedern nicht mehr stimmte. Die Band wurde für die Einen zum zusätzlichen Zeit- und Kostenfaktor, der leider in keinem Verhältnis mehr zur musikalischen Verwirklichung stand. Auch die Zuhausegebliebenen haben es nicht geschafft, etwas gemeinsames auf die Reihe zu kriegen. Keiner fühlte sich mehr so richtig für die Band verantwortlich, oder es war ihm eben zunehmend egal. Außerdem haben einige von uns nach all den Jahren den Glauben an die Band verloren. Mit der letzten CD "Celebrate..." haben wir uns in große finanzielle Unkosten gestürzt, die erhoffte, positive Resonanz blieb leider aus. Die hieraus resultierende Enttäuschung konnten einige nicht runter schlucken. Hatten wir uns früher in solchen Momenten "Jetzt erst Recht!" gesagt, resignierten diese jetzt. Somit sah der Rest der Gruppe keinen Sinn mehr, die schon seit Monaten offensichtlich mausetote Leiche weiterhin zu künstlich schminken. Eine Bande von Sonntagsmusikern, die alle paar Monate in der alten Heimat ungeprobt und uneingespielt die Mähne schüttelt und alte Hits röhrt, wollten sie nicht werden.

Was bleibt zurück? Auf jeden Fall keine fünf Streithähne, die vielerorts zitierten "persönlichen und musikalischen Differenzen" haben bei uns keine Rolle gespielt. Gemeinsam haben wir sehr viel Schönes erlebt, viel gelacht, manchmal auch geweint, viel herumgereist, Erfahrungen von unschätzbarem Wert gemacht. Wir hatten die Ehre mit unseren damaligen Idolen "Sentenced" auf der Bühne zu stehen, haben bei Konzertwochenenden ganz Deutschland durchreist. Zurück bleiben fast acht Jahre, in denen wir Erfahrungen gemacht haben, die keiner von uns missen will. Jahre, in denen wir zum ersten Mal in unserem Leben an etwas geglaubt haben und das versuchten durchzusetzen. Jahre, in denen wir in so mancher Klitsche, aber auch ein paar geniale Konzerte gespielt haben. Jahre, in denen wir nicht nur eine ganz eigene Musik, sondern auch eine völlig eigene Lebensart entwickelt haben, die vielerorts missverstanden wurde. Jahre, in denen viel kaputt ging, viel Alkohol floss, aber auch viele Tränen der Freude.

Und was auch zurück bleibt: IHR! Wir hatten die geilsten Fans, die sich eine Band vorstellen kann. Fans, die uns nachreisten, unsere Musik in sich aufsogen, verstanden und unseren Traum lebten.
Für euch verbleiben wir in ewiger Trauer im Garten der Vergänglichkeit und feiern das Ende der menschlichen Rasse.


On January 12th Eternal Sadness are going to release their new CD "Set my Soul on Fire" by playing live in Hohenfeld/Kitzingen (Germany).
This will be the last gig of Eternal Sadness. After this last show Eternal Sadness will be history. It is time to say good bye. As you can see, by looking at the very long german text above, there are a lot of reasons for our descision. It would be too difficult to explain those things in english too. So we are just saying: Thank you all out there for your support, help and interest in Eternal Sadness. We had almost 8 years of metal together. Watch out for our new CD (the last one!) and we wish you all the best for your future!