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CANADIAN PETITION--important for the music scene!!!!

Please add your name and place of residence to this petition then COPY and
PASTE it to a separate page. Forward it to EVERYONE you know, even if you
don't sign it. Thank you for caring about music.

The following supporters of the Canadian and American Music Industry demand 
that bands who wish to play across the border be allowed to do so. Crossing
the border to play a concert is almost impossible for both American and
Canadian acts. We are tired of paying for concerts with an out-of-country
headliner only to find out that they couldn't get across the border. We are
tired of booking tours for our bands only to be turned away. We believe it is
imperative to assert a new law that will make it easier for touring bands to
get into Canada and the United States without applying for a work permit that
costs more than most local bands make playing across the border.

1)  Kif Davis - Portland, Oregon USA

2) Jim Gorrie - Tottenham, Ontario Canada

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