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   Chances are that if you're in any way involved with the underground, you've heard of Jungle Rot. Probably one of the hardest working and hardest sounding death bands around these days Jungle Rot grant no compromises and you can be sure you'll never hear female vocals nor trendy violin passages, just loud, powerful guitar riffs, growled vocals and the desire to crush anyone within it's path.. 

Corrosion<C>:Why did you decide to re-release the "Slaughter The Weak" CD?
Dave<D>: We decided to re-release the CD because Pulverizer only pressed one thousand copies and they weren't going to press it again so we went elsewhere.

<C>:You mentioned that you'll be including a "bonus track" with the re-release in your news update. Which song will it be and has it ever been released before?
<D>:The new bonus song is called "Darkness Foretold" and no, it hasn't been released before.

<C>:Is this the only CD that you'll be releasing through Pavement?
<D>:No, we did a three Lp deal with them.

<C>:So what's the deal with the Jungle Rot Comic Book? Who's drawing it and coming up with the story?
What's the comic about? Is this a one-shot deal or are you hoping to make an ongoing series of comics?
<D>:The comic book is about SRGT. ROT APE MAN on our covers. It's about him in his home, raping and killing all in sight.

<C>:How did you get S.O.D. Magazine involved with this project?
<D>:SOD came to us with the idea and put money up to do it. It's going to be cool when it comes out.

<C>:With purchase of the comic we'll also receive a bonus CD. What's going to be on the CD? How many are new songs? Is there going to be some sort of tie-in between the songs and the comic?
<D>:The CD is three covers that are from SODOM, SLAYER, and CARNIVORE plus some live tracks as well.

<C>:Are you planning on releasing an new full-length any time in the near future? Any songs written for it yet? Song titles?
<D>:We are planning to release a new CD in 1999/Spring or early Summer. So look for it.

<C>:Where do you see your musical direction heading for the next release?
<D>:The same as the last two. We have a good thing going so we are staying with it.

<C>:Think you'll ever become a pop rock band? Think about it, you could release an album that sounds like "Swan Song", alienate all your fans, and then break up and go your separate ways to form other really awful bands that no one  cares about. Wouldn't that be cool?
<D>:Never! I would rather die before I would let that happen!

<C>:So you're playing the Milwaukee Metal `Fest this year? Is this your first time playing it? Which bands
will be on before and after you? Are you looking forward to it?
<D>:Yes! We played Metal Fest four times before. It's great. It gives fans from all over the world the chance to see us at our best. FLESHGRIND is before us and OPPRESSOR is after.

<C>:If you could choose any three bands to do a show with, who would it be?

<C>:What do you have for sale by way of merchandise?
<D>:All kinds of stuff: two CDs and three shirts and hats as well. Write us for more info.

<C>:Any final words for your multitudes of fans out there?
<D>:Thanks for the interview and look for our CD on Pavement Records.

c/o Dave Matrise
6618 52nd Ave.
Kenosha, WI. 53142