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Anyone trying to tell you that Toronto doesn't have any decent bands to see IS A FREAKIN' MORON!!! This place has quite a few talented acts. JAWW is one of them. Nice and loud, not to mention fast (but not total blast). I likes it.


Interview with Doug

When I first wrote to you, way back when. You were in a band called CATHATSIS. What actually happened to that band? When did you start JAWW? Ethan was the only one to come with you from CATHARSIS?
D: Ethan and I were just really sick of the whole thing with CATHARSIS. After the original guitar player (Walter Mason) left, things went down hill. We didn't dig the tunes after the first demo or the people we were left with so we got out.

I have a bio that mentions that you are taking part in a Tribute to DAYGLO ABORTIONS. What song are you covering?
D: Yeah, we're doing "Die Sinner Die".

Why did you decide to take part in this particular tribute?
D: Because The Dayglo Abortions, as a functioning musical unit, are the finest example of genius, both musically and emotionally, I have ever heard in my life….bar none. I think it's an honour to be involved in such a rich and colourful heritage as their's.

Which label will be releasing it and when will it be out?
D: Bonehead's label, God Records, will be doing it. It sounds like he'll have some good distro for it. As good as the Dayglo's have, anyway, since they are on the label. It was supposed to be out last fall, but it'll come out….eventually, I guess. I don't fucking know.

When you do a cover, do you usually try to do the song as close to the original as possible or do you do a total re-work of it?
D: That depends on the song. Some stuff we just blow off like the original, some we fuck with. We could have gone either way with the Dayglo's song, but we decided to stylize it to suit us more, musically.

Why do you think that tributes are so popular these days? Do you think the amount of tributes is getting a little out of hand these days?
D: I think a lot of things are getting out of hand, but I think tributes just reflect the retro-culture thing going on. I think people yearn for things now in a more uncorrupted way. Back to more innocence and less cynicism. Kids grow up super fast now and are already jaded early on. I think people just get sick of the bullshit and move towards things that maybe they missed out on….like fun for the sake of it. No pretenses, less bitterness, no bullshit. I think that's cool but unrealistic. I think it's almost a sign of surrender. The pressure to advance things along in everything creates a backlash in people that are sick of it. I think the younger generations are definitely feeling it….and, yeah, there just might be too many tributes going on.

How goes the recording of the new full-length?
D: We haven't started yet. We are set to go into Harlow Sound Studio on March 17.

Will it be in a similar style to the 7" and 'Southbound'? Anything that will surprise anyone?
D: It'll be similar to our other releases but, this time, we tried to focus more on what we think we do best, and deleted some of the stuff that we weren't so shit hot doing. Not too many surprises but, it moves round a bit. Just with more intent now.

Will it be licensed to Hypnotic/Breeding Ground again or are you going to try for a record deal? How did Hypnotic treat you guys? Do they do any sort of promotion?
D: Well, I don't think Hypnotic really give a shit about us. I haven't talked to them since last year. That tells you something, I guess. I'm sure the figured they did as much promotion as we justified, but I think otherwise. I don't really see the next record coming out with them, it doesn't make sense. All I know is that the new record will be done by the summer and then we will do what we gotta do.

What subjects will you be dealing with on the new album?
D: Temptation, death, guilt, fear, paranoia…..

You guys are pretty busy. You're also doing a split with ARMED & HAMMERED. Do you know those guys or just their music? When's it going to be out?
D: We've known those guys/girl for awhile. I've known their music since before that. A&H are just "the shit" for a punk band. I think they are the best that Toronto offers for fuck you punk. But, the split is officially put off until both bands either create time or get their shit together…which ever one comes first.

How do you find the Ontario scene these days? I've noticed that there is still a lot of back-stabbing and bad-mouthing of other bands going on. Is that a uniquely thing to Ontario?
D: Right now, I think the scene is a lot stronger than it's been for years. After about `92-`93, the scene has been pretty sad. But, the shows are doing better all the time now. You're right about the back-stabbing and shit. It's not really just unique to Ontario. It happens everywhere to varying degrees, but yeah, Ontario does have more of that shit going than most. I can't really explain it. For as good as the scene keeps getting here, it keeps happening. Maybe because a lot of bands are depending on the same sources to keep them busy. There is a lot of competition between bands for shows here. That can be healthy but also keep everyone from working things out together. You know, every band wants to be on every show. I guess it keeps people on their toes, but more bands should try to get some shit going on their own. It would open things up a little and keep bands dealing with each other.

Which bands would you recommend people check out?

What do you have available in the way of merchandise?
D: We've got….
n a few copies of the original "southbound" CD that we did ourselves ($10 postpaid)
n 7" ep / 4 songs ($5 pp)
n and I've also got various comps that I give away with orders
n we'll have new stickers and T's by March 16 when we play with Napalm Death and Today Is The Day in Toronto.

What's coming up?
D: We are recording our next full-length this month (March). We are doing it at Harlow Sound just outside Toronto. It will be called "LifeTimeBomb". Ten songs/ 30 minutes. One way or another I'd like to see it out by fall.   We will also be on an ARA (anti-racist action) comp. that will be out soon. It's got D.O.A., The Dayglos, Armed & Hammered,…  Also, I'd like to re-release our 7" on CD with another band. Do a split CD. If anyone's into that…let me know.

Any final comments?
D: Yeah, thanks for the interview. Sorry I had to send it piecemeal to you. Anybody that wants to know anything about JAWW, direct shit here:

Box 30
Toronto, Ontario
1576 Queen St. West
or e-mail us: <>