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Corrosion Distribution/ Out Of Style Used Music

please note: * means item is used. please e-mail or write with inquiries about condition. all prices are in US currency.


Cold Mourning/Twisted Tower Dire- split 7" Ep $2 *
(two bands, Cold Mourning play slow doom and TTD play Maiden-influenced metal)

Coming Correct/Dirtnap- Resist To Exist! Join The Fight! Split 7" Ep $2 *
(political hardcore from two of the scene's hidden gems)

Earth A.D.- A Crucifix 7" Ep $2
(death metal crossed with hardcore. no guitar solos make this one heavy release!)

Global Holocaust- Human Mistakes 7" Ep $2 *
(Canadian political grindcore!! Insanity on vinyl)

Gorge- Pathless And Awkward On The Stairs Reverse 7" Ep *
(they're a death metal band that will appeal to those with an open mind)

Human Greed- Para Eso Habeis Nacido 7" Ep $2 *
(grinding death metal from one of Canada's heaviest bands)

Psychosis- My Private Hell 7" Ep $2 *
(went on to become Mass Psychosis. Insane, technical death metal. BRUTAL!)

Roach- 7" Ep $2 *
(from the east coast of Canada. Eric's Trip meets Monoxides meets early Sloan)

Subsanity- Human Is Shit 7" Ep $2
(6 tracks of crusty, grinding metal. nice n fast!)

The Obsessed- Altamont Nation 7" Ep $2
(doom metal featuring Wino)

Towel/Lost Goat- Lost Goat And Towel Get Married split 7" Ep $2
(kind of noise, kind of doom, kind of experimental. weird)

Toxic Narcotic- Populution 7" Ep $2 *
(politically motivated, crusty punk)

Unholy Death- 7" Ep $2 *
(blasphemous death/thrash metal from the US. blue vinyl)

Windham Hell- 7" Ep $2
(classical music as interpreted by a death/black metal duo?)

********************************IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ!!!! ***************************************************

payment can be made in US cash (well-concealed), international money orders (must be pink not green US domestic kind) or you can pay me thru Pay Pal (e-mail address: a $1 fee will be added to all pay pal orders but you'll get your item  a lot faster. all prices listed are in US currency. Canadian buyers contact me for conversion into Canadian dollars (cash, money order or personal cheque accepted, but there will be a 2 week wait on personal cheques). if you for some reason are not happy with your oder, return the item and I will refund your money, less shipping costs.


Canada/US: $3 for first 7" ep, $1 for each additional
International: $5 for first 7" ep, $1 for each additional

please write and ask about availability of items before sending in your money. my address is:

Corrosion Distribution
c/o Jim Gorrie
R.R.#4 Tottenham, ON
Canada L0G 1W0